Living with Intent

Check out Permacognition's New Gallery of Projects!

Make sure to return to the gallery as I continue to add in all the projects that have already been completed this last spring from the Project Cultivation Course and from Crestwood's Garden Gnome Summer Camp. 

To begin Permacognition's collection of projects, which are being completed by participants of all ages, let's start by highlighting Jill Lanier's Living With Intent Project. She recently completed her first Permacognition project using the Project Cultivation Course that was hosted online through Permiekids this last April.

Check out the following links to learn all about her project:


Time to Reconnect

I am back to blogging! So much activity has happened with Permacognition these last couple of months. I have so much to share! 

First of all, I have updated my subscription list to include all the new and some of the old contacts I have made. Look out for those emails as I work my way through sharing all the interesting projects that have been developing over the last couple of months. 

So What Has Been Happening?

Permacognition completed its first online course and has collected invaluable feedback and ideas on how to progress forward. Several participants have evolved interesting projects from this first course.

Permacognition also made it into Crestwood Elementary, a local public school that has been working on developing its garden program out here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our summer camp took a holistic approach towards mentoring students towards the development of fundamental skills such as gardening and cooking healthy meals while also providing a well rounded knowledge-base of science, Permaculture, the arts, and social involvement through hands-on experiences. Make sure to read more to learn all about this new program that is evolving and to see all the great pictures that have been collecting from these community experiences! 

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Project Cultivation Course Podcast

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