Provide an educational model, based off of Permaculture design techniques and pattern understanding, that empowers students to create, organize, and design their own authentic lives and educational pursuits in effective and functional ways.


Expect your mind to grow in diversity, stability, and resilience within its natural ecosystem!

Permaculture + Metacognition = PermaCognition


One of the most challenging and complex scapes that you will ever design as a permaculture practitioner is the scape of your own mind. It will be even more complex to help design the education of another, such as your child.

This task must be done with care and purpose using many of the same principles and patterns used to design the physical world around us so that it is both efficient and sustainable. Just as we observe the inherent patterns of natural ecosystems with a holistic lens we must learn to apply that same lens to our own minds. Positive patterns thriving in minds create healthy, sustainable, and evolving systems of thought.